Trading activities of BI Group includes, but not limited to the Importing and Trading of materials which includes Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing, Constructional, industrial etc. In addition to that we are also providing Fire & Safety Equipment, Power tools & Consumables, Paint Materials, Welding Consumables and Office tools as per our customer requirements. We are providing after sales services accordingly, as required by the client.

Our trading Division was established with an objective to provide unique cutting edge solutions to the industry through specialized products and services from trusted and proven brand representations. We are trying to build a solid reputation as a premier provider of leading products, and value-added services for the industrial markets.

Our procurement team establishes a wide range of sourcing network to provide various above mentioned materials to satisfy our clients’ requirements and needs of competitive pricing, quality and on-time delivery. We are committed to offer high quality products at competitive prices, and provide professional services for material sourcing and arrangement of import/export, which are to be completed effectively and satisfactorily to benefit our customers to compete in the world market today.

We receive the knowledge and experience in the applicable industries and we understand the requirements and needs for those industries subsequent to finding quality and cost-effective products to fulfill customers’ needs. Our primary goal is to provide the best service with specialized knowledge to all customers.

We develop a trading platform serving Purchasers, Suppliers and Manufacturers from various countries. We provide an assistance to our customers in selection of materials from raw materials sourcing, selection of manufacturers, production planning & quality control and logistic to enable the whole transaction to be completed efficiently and satisfactorily. Having a strong support procurement team, we are confident to fulfill all our customer requirements.

We can assure the following to our customers as a minimum:

• Best Price
• Logistics
• Timely Delivery
• Quality of Products
• Distribution